Monday, June 8, 2009

answer me this ...

well;lately.. i've been quite the 'PaRtY gIrL' .. now i'm juggling with the thought of is that okay at this point in my life? I'm freshly 21..i'm single..&nd i've finished my first part of education. So is it so bad that i like to go out nd .. 'party &nd bullshit' . Granted sometimes i go out nd have a little to much,but sheesh i'm not harming anyone. this past wednesday @ the icon i went IN. lol like really. nd afterwards everyone had this talk with me about my drinking... but am i really that bad? At first i felt like they were right; but then when i sit and think about it/look at the pictures.. all i'm doing is having a good time. [ i know i know, i can go out nd have a good time without drinking.. but what did i wait to turn 21 for? ] Now, to those who i spoke to about this issue, don't think i wasn't listening or that i'm going back on what i said.. but i really wana know... 'is it really that bad' . I've met so many amazing people these past few months ...thanks to me NOT being the shy girl, but yet... the party girl. i know when it's okay to bring out that side of me, nd when it's time to leave 'STORM' at home. BUT; as of right now i am on a HIATUS just to get my thoughts together nd leave the drinks alone for awhile. ... but; IS IT REALLY THAT BAD?


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  1. well you should have known that i was gonna comment on this one...
    there is NOTHING wrong with having a good time.. im in the EXACT same situation as you (skool:check, relationship:eh age.. 21) BUT there is a problem with how you act when your having a "good time".. wed. you turned on me.. RONIQUIA LYNN DUDLEY.. u've known me since we were in fukkin 5th grade.. that shit was OUTRAGEOUS to say the least.. so yes its really that bad when you turned on supposed loved ones... even tho it was the 1st time.. it should have never gotten to that point. and the fact that you couldnt even remeber said incident the next day was even worse.

    and as far as you meeting such awesome people.. that is fine no one is knocking you for that.. but those "amazing" people need to kno that there is another side of you. honestly we(YOU & I) were starting to get the rep as the crazy drunk girls.. you kno i have always been the girl to not give two shits about what the next person said.. but i damn sure didnt want that tag attached to my name..which is why i chilled out.. yea there were a few other reasons but that was one of them.
    you say you kno when to leave storm at home.. but do you really,.. bekause her and rayne have shown up when they def werent supposed to..
    this are jus my opinions on ur blog.. you dont have to listen or take head.. but i really do hope you take some time for yourself and get it together.. bekause the shit you pulled on wed. has been known to crash a few friendships..