Tuesday, February 24, 2009

take the time ...


day after monday !

*uhh; first off im sick as fxck . nd i been up since 6am workin` on ppl's nasty ass mouths.
brush your damn teeth son. floss. suttin. but don't come see me wit a nasty mouth cusz i WILL clown tht ass! [ real ruthless right now; so dont get offended off rip ]

*have i ever mentioned i love the UNWANTED attention. i SWEAR a bitch is really livin` life in the lime light. nd if muh fxcka's didn't know my name BEFORE ... these FLAW ASS BITCHES makin` it known NOW ! . [ for more; read my bestfriends blog she breaks it down. http://mszonatra.blogspot.com ] so i won't express to much on tht topic.but one thing i will say is " i NEVER stopped gettin` it in OHIO " lol

* so basically on tuesday's i be makin` love to my couch .. i love my tuesday shows!! From (( american idol, t.i's road to redemption, bad girls club, real housewives of.., baldwind hills.. you get the drift. reminds me to LAUGH at all the drama in my life. with tht said. ya can't mold me; i mold myself !!

BUT; fxck the bullshit...im bout to get back to the real reason i made this blog .
so STAY tuned ..

-- signin off--

side note: its AMAZING what you find when you GOOGLE your name..LMFAO. google yourself.

Monday, February 23, 2009

lavender & chamomile...

talk about relaxation.
ya girl is true royalty damn it . what better way to spoil yourself
then a [ candle lit bubble bath with the slow jamsz blastin nd some wine ]
finish it off with a facial; mani/pedi. ahhh..


my mom,her man nd i started playin old school games!LOL we played paper football; quarter hockey; & pitchin pennies. if you've never played .. DONT! lol. kid's today would never have survived becusz although it entertained us for awhile; i wouldn't do it again! LOL kids now would be like 'where's my PSP'.. wat kinda ish is this. OH how times change !


is my birthday YAY.. only 21more days. nd let me tell you. im on some real serious 'GO HARD' shit. only a HATER could be mad. which means damn near all of columbus is goin to be.. but i say ' fuk em ' . just call me ' queen of the city ' :) i can't let all the secrets out the bag of wats goin down tht weekend [3/21] BUT; lets just say you gonna wana be there. [ meet me at the bar bitches ]


Saturday, February 21, 2009

take ya bak into time...

' im not gon cry '

a glimpse ...


so last night was a good night; and clearly you can see we all look AMAZING !. if you dont think so your a HATER nd need to ONE YASELF from my blog. LOL. thankyouu !

Friday, February 20, 2009

next time wont you sing wit mee.

I got bored nd figured WTS why not ... LOL
Replace my answers with your own!

Available: nd you know dattttt.
Age: 21 in 24 days lol
Annoyance: ehh; alott
Animal: piggys !

Beer: Corona please ! .
Best Friend: Jazmene Inez Kincannon
Blind or Deaf: id rather be blind. i love music to much to be deaf.
Best weather: 954 where you at?
Been in Love: yepp.
Believe in Magic: why not..
Believe in Santa: ehh; lol i dont wana ruin it for anybody !

Candy: break me off a piece of tht.. KIT KAT bar.
Color: purple & black .
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate Marshmellow.
Chinese/Mexican Food: Chipotle & Orange Chicken lmao
Cake or pie: hmm tough choice.
Continent to visit: uhh .
Cheese: im lactose lol

Day or Night: night .
Dancing in the rain: im black;i'll mess up my relaxer lol ;)

Eyes: they change..
Everyone's got: issues.
Ever had a crush on a teacher: no thanks .

First thoughts waking up: what time is it
Food: anything i can put hot sauce on LOL

Greatest Fear: i fear nothing but God.
Goals: to do better then YOU .
Gum: any kind. i LOVE gum. gum gum gum LOL
Get along with your parents: Depends on the year i guess.

Hair Color: back to black .
Height: 5 foot.
Happy: i could be better; but i wont complain .
Holiday: march 16th 1988. [ my birthday duhhh ]
How do you want to die: in my sleep.

Ice Cream: ehh again.. chocolate marshmellow.
Instrument: i played almost every instrument in band LOL

Jewelry: rings; earrings; nose ring.
Job: what? you know where i can get one?

Kids: love mee; nd i love them. Jaylon & Indira are my favorites.
Kickboxing or karate: kick boxing; ima fxckin monster !
Keep a journal: ehh;just blog.

Love: "why do we love, love.. when love seems to hate us". - Jazmine Sullivan
Laughed so hard you cried: umm everytime im with my bestfriend. nd big bro Natra.

Milk flavor: i told you im lactose .
Movies: "Love&Basketball" is my all time favorite !
McD’s or BK: Burger King.

Number: 23

One wish: pure happiness

Pepsi/Coke: Coke.
Perfect Pizza: pepperoni & bananna peppers & hot sauce.

Quail: uh.. what is that.

Reality T.V.: lol amussing
Radio Station: i hate columbus radio stations..
Roll your tongue in a circle: yep; i can make a clover too LOL
Ring size: 4

Song: we'd be here all day .
Shoe size: 3.5
Salad Dressing: Ranch
Sushi: your gross.
Shower: hott hott hott.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

Tattoos: 8.
Time for bed: whenever my eyes close.
Thunderstorms: im scared of thunder. damnn

Unpredictable: & Under estimated is what i am .

Vacation spot(s): my second home CORAL SPRINGS. but i wana go to an island.

Weakness: kindness.
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Jazmene LOL ahhh
Worst feeling: holding on to someone thats already let go .

X-Rays: i've had em all

Year it is now: 2009-
Yellow: i get called that all the time LOL. so sad.

Zoo animal: Monkeyyss ! ( :

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

HELLO WORLD; im the motha fxckin trouble maker!
past few days :
FRIDAY* the ladies had our annual "ladies night" for valentines day. which it was nice to have everybody get back together. it's been awhile. we had dinner then found ourselves a little spot. let me tell you we know how to turn wackness to greatness! LOL . so all in all it was a good nite.
SATURDAY* was valentines day duhh. went out to dinner nd bowling with a friend. which was entertaining. i WON all four games even bowling between my legs. LOL
SUNDAY* woke up went to church with my madre. which was needed.its always good to hear the word of the lord :). then maxed nd relaxed for awhile before headin to NEZZi'S. for the ALL STAR game wit her nd FRANK. [ WHOA; shaq's entrance was crazy, iverson is still sexy as ever.long hair or short hair nd im PISSED the EAST lost the way they did]. AS ALWAYS we all clowned which wore me out so i came home nd knocked the HELL out..ohh yeaa; nd i HATE tmobile. they're wackkkkkk ! but i do want the new blackberry curve 8900. LOL
TODAY* was just another day in the neighborhood. LOL. went nd chilled wit Nezzi & JayBug.
nd Cheneasha for alittle.... NOTHIN TO EXCITING. so i thought id catch up on my blog game! LOL. welllllllllllp. i think thts it..OHHH; nd if your not getting the stuff on your dashboard telling you im blogging its cusz i changed my link [OOPS]
uno amor my fellow bloggers.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2yrs ago today ...

2 yrs ago today was the day i saw you smile so big i thought your cheeks were gonna burst. i miss that. 2yrs ago today was the day you placed this ring on my finger nd asked me for forever.ill give you that. 2yrs ago today i held you in my arms nd knew everything ive ever known or ever wanted was right there. i need tht. today, 2yrs from then...i still love you more then anything in this world nd i always will. happy 3rd valentines day. together or apart i know our hearts will always remain the same.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

just one of those days...

1st off;ive been out of blogging for awhile but ima pick it back up for those of you tht care.
i'll have some poems nd ish to post in the next couple days.just bare with me.

let's just say today's one of those days you just dont wana get out of bed.
but i did; and i went to school nd took my radiology test which i got a 90 on.nd now i have my radiology liscence... [ i can take x-rays]. but whatever.im at the point where i wana quit school just so i can have more availabity for jobs..BUT; considering i graduate in june i have to suck up the small shit nd get through it. [ I KNOW I KNOW; IM TRYING SHUT UP] .other then that im gonna get out the house for "THIRSTY THURSDAYS".nd hopefully forget my name. :) yay.

song/feeling of the day : Long Distance -Brandy

Monday, February 9, 2009

so i get on..



DJ Drama & Sinatra (feat. Snow) - Fly Shit

Sunday, February 8, 2009

my take,

i say my take cusz i know mad blog heads bout to have one of these up here.LOL.
but yes; the grammys 2009. let me start of by saying.only a person with a real love for music could have appreciated these awards. JENNIFER HUDSON: blew my mind; nd melted my heart.Her voice gets more nd more amazing everytime i hear her sing. Nd i truly respect her for the way she has gotten through butyou can still see the pain in her eyes. I feel for her. COLDPLAY & JAY-Z: performing Lost.was also a good one; i got love for Jay-z anyways i dont think he'll ever stop.he's not the jay he was before but my nigga is still doin his thing in music . CARRIE UNDERWOOD: she just might be the only country singer with rhythm LOL. but she also has an amazing voice. KATY PERRY: is a weirdo; nd i hate the song "i kissed a girl"... but her new song thinking of you is a good one.check it out.KANYE WEST & ESTELLE: i can't deny the fact tht i like the song.. but WTF is wrong with kanye..he's like insane in the membrane forreal who decided that it was okay for his hair to look like that . MILEY CYRUS & TAYLOR SWIFT: was definitally unexpected for me.I didnt think miley would be that good but i actually think she outshined taylor on her own song. JONAS BROTHERS & STEVIE WONDER:regardless stevie is forever that nigga. but i really hate the jonas brothers but they did iite.JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & AL GREEN: so rumor has it they took the spot of Rhianna nd Chris Brown cusz Chris Brown smacked a hoe. But job well done gentlemen.M.I.A., TI.JAY-Z,LIL WAYNE,KANYE WEST: first things first; this broad had the nerve to be due today nd wana be on stage;what if her water broke? nd besides that she looked a hot ass mess. like me nd nezzi say "i wana back smack pimp her". [ steal it nd ill kill you ] buuut all the niggas did they thing.. SUGARLAND&ADELLE: so me & biff were talkin on this part nd he's a huge music head to. nd we both agree that country may not be our thing but homegirl in sugarland is pretty soulful to be a country artist. she really can blow nd the lyrics to her song were hot. didnt understand em..look em up?. Adelle's song is pretty wack but her voice is mad original .T.I. & JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: i love t.i. so anything he does is ill but he said something that really stood out at the end of his performance " Having character can take you places that money can't".. nd as far as J.T. i dont think he was really playin that piano.as Biff said "he betta stop frontin nd get his happy ass n dance or some shit" . lmao.love tht guy ! LIL WAYNE, ROBIN THICKE nd COMPANY: wayne is really tryna bring his self together i think cusz these past couple of performances of his i've seen he's so much more active nd less on the drugs dont you think? Now for my nigga Robin Thicke..he is one smooooooth ass dude. i LOVE him . his voice is incredible i could listen to him forever. nezzi said " i want my mom with a man like him " .. who could disagree?. everything about this performance was damn good to me. ALL THE OLD SKOOL VIBES: is really my kinda shit. i love the layed back; soulful;real music; good lyrics; raw ass beats type shit. so shoutout to the older homies on the show...

iite blogheads & music heads. ..
im ready for your take. ... uno !

"one good thing about music; when it hits you, you feel no pain".
music is definitally my escape from the world.

i gotta give it to him...

plies got me feelin this one;
nd the video is cute too ! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


shout out to my bitch nezzi.. " nd i know womp yo auss"... lmfao !!!


okay; clearly... we have an issue. no wait let me get this str8... YOUU have a issue... which is ME... nd i USED TO TLK TO YOUR MANN. HERE'S MY THING; how is it i am not the ONLY female in the city of columbus that rocked wit ya man but you soooo stuck on me? what you fail to UNDERSTAND is that i DONT.. WANT OR NEED ya man !!! why is it that you ridin my shit when CLEARLY i was NOT rockin wit my self... it goes both ways BOO. you want conversations/proof ... i GOT IT !!!!! its funny how you all of a sudden "takin shots" at me but when you was here it was nothin, nd before you got wit him you was leavin me comments then delete me as ya friend to take these shots. im not the type to be wit all these drama but i WILLL let you know yo place. what pisses me off is you bringin me down to yo childish ass level. i dont got time for all this but when shit is brought to my attention it's gonna get addressed. HE MAY HAVE WALKED AWAY IN THEM 20$ CHUCKS, BUT DAMN I CAN GET YOU SOME TO WALK AWAY WITH TOO. HOW YOU FEELIN THAT?? im not salty about ya man; so why are you? GIGGLE GIGGLE. while you mope'n around on my page you found what you was lookin for so why are you so mad nd confused? dont make it seem like im stuck on you becusz my words are ALWAYS in response to ya rat trap mouth runnin ASS ! i say all this to simply say this shit is DEAD i said what i have to say nd you found ya answers so continue to do ya homework nd be the weekend girlfriend for "YA MAN".

on a side note: while you was bein funny under ya pictures those ideas didn't come from just me... ya man played the clyde. IM DONE TALKIN !!!! :)

happy rambling!!

for some reason i woke up in the best mood today! .

it's mutha fxckin thursday bish which in my world means the weekend.. LOL.

i have class tonight but dont have to wear my scrubs which is always nice cusz its brick as fxck in our building nd i can bundle up !! ")..i told ya i hate this cold weather shit!... but after class i might get on my ATL nd go skatin wit some of the homies which should be fun.. go get my nu nu on you feel me? lmao .ALSO there's 39 days left til my birthday i have this little countdown in my status on facebook dat i change everyday nd somebody ALWAYS leavin a comment that i shouldn't be countin down so early..but IM MEEEE; suckas ima keep countin down !! ..haha.sike naa.. but so far today i woke up;started some laundry, did a little yoga, ate, nd now im chillin bout to hop in da shower do a facial nd get ready for class.

right now im vibin to trey songz "missing you"...Wish I Could wake up and forget about you.Not try to call you when I know I want to I gotta fight this feeling.Can't let it take over me.You just don't understand how much you were a part of me.

this song has been my shit all week.it's been in all my aways LOL... dont got me on aim..GET AT ME xflye5tmami23x . if you add me to stalk mee.. YOUR SILLY nd i love people like you ! LOL.. okay i know your prolly sick of my rambling;im outta here... : )

love to all my blogheads !!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

feelin it..

j.holiday "it's yours"..theres somethin about him & idk what it is.

Monday, February 2, 2009

chasin dreams....

im chasin two things; MONEY & MY DREAMS. For those of you that don't know.i grew up dancing. from the time i was 2 until the time i was 17. Also picked up cheerleading when i was in 7th grade. so that was pretty much my life. and still to this day i regret ever quitting cause i was good if i do say so myself. LOL. buuut* im ready to get back into it. As young as I am my body is alot older so I know it's going to be a struggle but my bestfriend Jazmene & my biffnasty Andrew said they'd help me get through it nd thats all i need. :) .My goal is to become a Miami Heat dancer which i have no doubts that i can acheieve i just have to put alot of effort into getting my body back together. SOO.. starting today i got my game face on. .

Sunday, February 1, 2009


i gotta give it to Arizona though; it was definitally a good game.
BUT.you know my team had to come out on top! HAA.
nd shout out to mr. holmes; a former OHIO STATE BUCKEYE!!
[ even though i hate ohio state; he still showed out for my hometown]